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STAT printer is a thermal printer that can be used with OPTIKA laboratory balances. It can print weight values and, when requested, a full statistical analysis of the values including: number of values, mean values, sum, minimum, maximum, standard deviation, etc.. The printer can also record and print date/time and calibration details in compliance with GLP. Printer is supplied with connection cable to be connected directly to balances.

• Count and total of all measurements, Minimum, Maximum values, Range (Max-Min)
• Average value, Standard deviation
• GLP Record keeping of balance calibration with date/time print
• Available units: mg, g, Kg, pcs
• Languages: English, French, German

Type: Bidirectional RS-232 Thermal printer
Print speed: 0,75 lines/sec ; 40/80 characters/line
Paper roll: Width 112mm, lenght 20m
External power supply unit (included): 230V 50Hz 0,12A / 9V DC 1,3A
Energy consumption (average): min 0.5A (4W) – max 1.1A (9W)
Baud rate: 1200-2400-4800-9600 Baud
Operating temperature: 5 – 35°C
Humidity: Max 80% relative (not condensing)
Working life: 5000 hours or 500000 lines
Dimensions: 165 x 140 x 50 mm
Weight: 450 g (excl. paper roll)
Connection cable: Included