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Ioniser model ION-A15
Static charges accumulate in many kind of samples that are being weighed during the laboratory routine.
By blowing ions, the portable Ionizer ION-A15 neutralizes static electricity on charged samples like plastic parts, containers or films. Within seconds the sample is ready to be weighted free from static charges
giving the operator accurate results.

The Ionizer ION-A15 is small and light, easy to transport and use everywhere in the laboratory.

Distance sample-ion source: about 5-40 cm
Discharge time: 9s/5cm, 13s/10cm, 100s/40cm (with fan turned on)
Ozone concentration: 0-0.05 ppm (2cm from ion source)
Maximum air volume: 0.06 cm3/min
Ambient conditions: 0-50°C, 20-80% air humidity (non-condensing)
AC adapter (primary): AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions: 11 x 10,5 x 4,5 cm
Weight: 310 g
Installation site: device may be only used indoors


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