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TS-iDens – 0,01g

TS-iDens is a Balance for density calculation, in particular it is designed to easily determine the Density Index of a solid sample without need of any computer software or external database.


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All-in-one product
With TS-iDens, calculating the density index is easy and fast. Without the necessity to connect the balance to computer for using a specific software, all the data and results can be seen directly in the large screen of the balance, with the possibility to print also all the data with an optional printer.

The strenght of technology
TS-iDens is derived from the sophisticated M5 balances family and therefore takes full advantage of all the strenghts of this series, that is, the large 5’’ color display, the touchscreen interface and the icon-driven menus, which make your work, respectively, intuitive, efficient and user-friendly.

As reference liquid for the density etermination of the solid sample, the balance has already stored in the database the density values (at different temperatures) of distilledwater or Ethanol so that one less thing for  the user to care about; of course the user can use whatever other liquid as reference, providedits density value is known or calculated (thanks to the optional liquid density kit). Density values of the reference liquid  distilled water or Ethanol) used during density termination of the solid sample are stored in the internal database. The user can choose another liquid as reference, provided its density value is known or he calculates  thanks to the optional liquid density kit).

Internal Clock, date/time make work easier while GLP capability allow user to record Sample name, Project names and Balance ID, for traceability.

Internal calibration
As standard feature this balance has internal automatic calibration, to ensure daily accurate measurements also during flow of time or conditions changing. User can also choose to switch to external calibration, using is calibration weight value.

Multi-language and Multiuser
Choice of language among English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portoguese. rotection of own settings, preferences and database is ensured by the multi-user structure with password protection. The user has easy and intuitive access to all the functions thanks to the icondriven menus. This means more efficiency, productivity and interactivity. A double case structure protects the heart of the balance: an aluminum inner
case and a composite plastic external case.

Density Index
In foundries, especially for aluminium casting plants, the quality of molten metals is very important to assure the quality of the final cast product. In fact defects created during the melting stage (due to solid and gaseous mpurities) could create problems to the final microstructure of the cast.
Density index value of a metal sample is an index of how clean is the metal sample and how much free from pores that may have formed during  he melting process.
By measuring the density index (DI) of the metal, it is possible to control and optimize the process of production of the cast, improving the overall quality of final metal product, and thus drastically educing rejection rate.

Technical data
• Span drift (+ 10…+ 30 °C): +/- 6ppm/°C
• Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 215 x 345 x 300
• Power supply 110-230Vac. 50/60Hz, output 24V 1A 13VA
• Net Weight: 7 / 8,5 Kg