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TS/TSI Series – 0,1 mg

TS analytcal balances are the most innovative and advanced series by OPTIKA. Equipped with large 5’’ color touch screen display, it gives an user-friendly access to all the balance’s advanced applications and internal databases.
The user has easy and intuitive access to all the functions thanks to the icondriven menus. This means more efficiency, productivity and interactivity. The TSI models are equipped with an integrated ioniser on the back of the balance with the purpose to neutralize static electricity on charged samples like plastic parts, containers or films for acquiring the most accurate results.
A double case structure protects the heart of the balance: an aluminum inner case and a composite plastic external case.
The many on-board functions already included, up to 6 operating languages, the large 5’’ inch display and the RS232 serial output close the circle of a complete product, reliable and truly convenient.


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» Electromagnetic force restoration weighing system
» Highly integrated weighing cell
» Automatic internal calibration
» 5’’ Touch-screen Display 800×480
» RS232 serial interface
» Selectable Measuring units
» Internal Database
» Multi Languages (EN-DE-FR-IT-SP-PT)
» Multi-user with password protection
» USB port for import/export database data

» Advanced piececounting function with Statistcs report
» Textile function to measure fibers with Statistics report
» Advanced Density function, with density index (DI) calculation
» Formulation (Recipe)
» Checkweighing
» Percentual weighing
» Weights adding
» Animal weighing
» Max load determination (Peak hold)
» Large glass draught shield with 3 sliding doors for easy access to the items being weighed.

Balance technical data
• Span drift (+ 10…+ 30 °C): +/– 2ppm/°C
• Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 345x215x345
• Weighing chamber dimensions LxWxH (mm): 162x171x225
• Power supply 110-230Vac, 50/60Hz; output 24V 500mA 13VA
• Net Weight: 6,7 Kg
• Net Weight -ION models: 7,2 Kg


Ioniser technical data 
• Operation modes: 2 minutes or continuosily for max 8 hours
• Ozone concentration: 0-0.05 ppm (2cm from ion source)
• Distance sample-ion source: about 5-40 cm
• Discharge time: 9s/5cm, 13s/10cm
• Ambient conditions: 0-50°C, 20-80% air humidity (non-condensing)
• Ioniser Power supply: IN AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, OUT DC 12V, 500mA

• Portable ioniser Ion-A15 (CNS0371)
• Serial Printer TLP-50, with date/time (CNS054)
• Serial Printer DPP-250 (CNS007)
• Density KIT for solids and liquids (CNS002)
• Serial to USB converter (CNS1002)
• Serial cable for serial output to printer or PC (CNS743)
• USB pendrive 8 Gigabyte (CNS020)
• Stylus pen for touchscreen (CNS021)
• Factory Calibration certificate (CNS0333)