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EGH SERIES – 0,001g

All EGH models are equipped with a large graphic display for easy reading and user friendly operations with many functions and large glass draught shield with 3 sliding
doors for easy access to the items.
Double case structure, ergonomic keypad. EG balances have an extensive recipe database and many embedded advanced features make them perfect for use in laboratory, research departments, formulation and quality control applications.


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(1) Only for external calibration model
(2) Optional external battery pack (CNS015)

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» Large glass draught shield with 3 sliding doors for easy access to the items
» High resolution load cell weighing system
» External or automatic internal calibration
» Recipe database: 99 recipes can be stored, each with up to 20 ingredients
» Large Graphic display allows efficient and easy operations
» Multilanguage: EN-DE-FR-IT-ES-PT
» Internal Database
» Multi Languages (EN-DE-FR-IT-SP-PT)
» GLP/ISO record keeping of weight values with date, time and serial number
» Plastic protection cover
» Under hook weighing (1)

Technical data
• Span drift (+ 10…+ 30 °C): +/- 4ppm/°C
• Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 345x215x345
• Weighing chamber dimensions LxWxH (mm): 162x171x225
• Power supply 110-230Vac, 50/60Hz; output 9V 1,2A 10VA

Internal calibration models
Net Weight: 4,6Kg

• Portable ioniser Ion-A15 (CNS0371)
• Serial Printer TLP-50, with date/time (CNS054)
• Serial Printer DPP-250 (CNS007)
• Density KIT for solids and liquids (CNS002)
• Density KIT for solids (CNS001)
• Portable rechargeable battery pack (CNS015)
• Alphanumeric external keyboard (CNS005)
• Serial to USB converter (CNS1002)
• Serial cable for serial output to printer or PC (CNS743)
• Factory Calibration certificate (CNS0333)
• Comunication KIT for balances (CNS0476)